I actually thought you were a model already... god you're so pretty

Oh gosh haha nope ~ I don’t even think that’s a possible career in nl

I'm really sorry this company screwed around with you. I hope that they'll grow up and that you feel better soon

Hhhhhhh hhhhhhh I’m ashamed I bought from them …… But thank you !!

This probably doesn't mean much but I think you are perfect in every way :^)

Aww :^) you’re perfect too

your asuka cosplay is absolutely, stunningly gorgeous! if I could cosplay half as well as that I would be content, you are just absolutely perfect!

Awww oh my gosh thank you so much ♡♡ yesterday was just so bad hjjkgd but today will be better !! Also everyone can probably cosplay better than me!!

Would you ever Coldplay Tsubaki from Mirai Nikki?

I haven’t watched that show and I don’t really plan on it hmm ;; also when I wrote cosplay sometimes it autocorrects to codplay @___@

You are perfect <3 I love your Doll cosplay so far, Doll is my absolute favourite and you pulled her off literally perfectly!! Can you remember what you used for your lower lashes?? No worries if you can't!

No ones perfect !!;; and it’s certainly not me


sorry for the long post, i just felt it was necessary to highlight the immature and very unprofessional response to myself, eikkibunny and ecchihiro asking jlist facebook page and tumblr ( jlist.com/jbox.com) to remove unsourced cosplay photos of eikkibunny.

not only were they not sourced, they had incredibly hurtful comments on it such as calling mY kitty “it” and “a man because broad shoulders”, and people seemed to feel the need to say things like “not feeling this cosplay” and “too blonde. change the hair color and ill decide then.”

not only were the photos posted without riannas permission, they were unsourced and the company also left hurtful and disgusting comments on the photo. other photos on their page are littered with “rape train” comments and filthy slurs.

please reconsider supporting an outrageous company such as this, as it is very clear by these photos just how immature and disgusting they really are.

Have you ever been a model? Cause you're definitely pretty enough to be one <3

Awww ( /w\) no I’m so nervous on camera and I don’t think I would be good ..;A; I mean I would love to do it but I’m scared ;;


Wowoow we took asuka pics in public and it wasn’t a total failure ?! Pics taken by the huge nerd catmerch ❤️ Please find me on facebook here , and Blogspot here  !

I think your Asuka photos were put up on Jlist's (Peter Payne's) Tumblr. Congrats.

Aaaa they were but they should have just reblogged them .„„;____; I don’t really know what j list is though